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Offering Local and Long Distance Moves for 

Residential and Commercial Clients

Pattons Moving Across Country Version 3.

Anchored In The Past

Patton's Movers has been in business for over 100 years.  the business was started by George Washington Patton in 1912 and continued to be run by his sons through 1970.  When Harold Patton decided to focus on his furniture business, he sold the moving business to the three men who worked for him.  After two years it was bought out by one of the men, Virgil Funk, who had worked for the Patton's for 20 years.  Virgil ran the company the only way he knew how, and that was to be fair, give the customer their moneys worth and always standing by his word.  These expectations were passed down to both his sons, and now his Grandson, Jason Funk, who is continuing his legacy.


Sprinting Towards The Future

Understanding the values, principles and ethics that Virgil instilled over the years, his Grandson is also a visionary.  Knowing that business growth comes with evolution, his Grandson branded the company, giving it the first logo in the company's 107 years of service.  And although the company has a new look, the customer service and family values the business was founded on, will not change.  We look forward to continuing to serve the Winchester community and the surrounding areas.

The Moving Process


  • Contact & use only Registered Movers.

  • Ensure your moving company is registered with a USDOT# & a FMCSA#.  This information can be found on

  • Read & understand all the information provided by your Mover.

  • Ensure you understand your estimate, order for service, bill of lading & inventory list. 


​If packing your own belongings:

  • Books should be packed tightly n small sealed cartons

  • Clothing is best packed in wardrobe cartons.  Otherwise fold neatly and place in medium or large cartons

  • Fragile items such as stemware, china, silver and crystal should always be packed with the heaviest items on the bottom and the lighter items towards the top.  Ensure each item is wrapped individually and utilize enough filler to ensure items do not make direct contact with each other.


Being prepared can make all the difference in a seamless move.  Creating Moving Checklists at the recommended intervals is vital.

For example, prepare and complete checklists for:

  • 1 Month Prior to Move

  • 3 Weeks Prior to Move

  • 2 Weeks Prior to Move

  • 1 Week Prior to Move

  • Day Before Move

  • Moving Day

Being prepared and organized cannot be over emphasized.


Once your move is complete, unpacking and organizing is the final step.  This is also the perfect time to determine if all the stuff you moved into your new home is needed or necessary.  Consider donating any items you feel you no longer need or that may not fit or have a place in your new home.

A few good mottos: 


Live Life Less Cluttered

You don't need more space, you need less stuff.

If you have to buy something to store your stuff, you have too much stuff

Our Quality Guarantee

Your belongings are important to us

Every single piece of furniture that is taken out of your home is protected to ensure no damage is incurred during the relocation process.  


We go the extra Mile

We believe in going the extra mile to ensure that not only your household goods are protected for safe transport, but we also ensure that your home is protected from any accidental damage during the process of your move. We ensure your floors, carpet, banisters, tight corners, door jams and walls are protected throughout the whole process from start to finish.


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