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Moving Resources

What To Expect?

Patton's Movers wants to make the moving process as painless as possible.  Moving should be a happy time and not full of stress and worry.  We will work with you to give you the best move possible.  We can do this by giving you the best customer service in the industry. 


Initial Contact

Once you call Patton's Movers, our moving coordinators will discuss all the starting options and what is best for your scenario.  We will answer all your questions and prepare you for your move.


Consumer Guide

Patton's Movers provides you with the latest and most up-to-date consumer guides of the area you are moving to.  We will list most utilities in the area including gas, water, cable, and internet.  Our guide contains schools as well as shopping in your new area including grocery stores, hairdressers, shops and restaurants.  You will also find information on forwarding your mail.  Also included in our guide are area hospitals and healthcare in your new location including primary care offices, dentists, eye doctors, and urgent care centers.


Before Your Move

It is vital that you stay organized and energetic regarding the move.  Our moving coordinators will help you accomplish this.  Together you will create an inventory list that will show how much is to be moved from one location to the other.  Items you will be transporting in your vehicle will not be on the inventory list.  You will be given contact information for your coordinator to ask questions at any time throughout the process.

During Your Move

One of our lead moving specialists will arrive at your residence at your scheduled start time or slightly earlier.  The overseer will introduce himself to you and your family.  He will construct a timeline of the day allowing for you to make any special requests and ask any relevant questions.  he will then direct the team to their respective areas for your move.  After everything has been packed, loaded, and your destination reached, the Patton's Movers team will unload all your belongings and arrange your furniture to your liking and per your instructions.  Labeled boxes will go to their respective areas in your home.


After Your Move

Once your belongings are unloaded and put in the correct rooms, the team at Patton's Movers will double check with you to verify that everything has been completed up to your standards before they leave for the day.  Once we have finished the job, we are still available to you.  You can contact your moving coordinator at any time with questions, comments, or concerns you may have.  We invite you to complete our customer survey and rate us on our services that we specifically performed for you, provide us a review on Google as well as Facebook.  As a small business, we understand the value and importance of word-of-mouth recommendations.  We strive for complete satisfaction for each customer move we perform.  We truly appreciate your feedback, and it allows us to continue to provide you with the best moving experience possible.

Moving Tips

  • Organize your packing by room

  • Color code or label boxes

  • Do not pack too heavy in each box

  • Make sure fragile items are adequately protected

  • Start early (generally takes longer than you anticipate)

  • Bend with your knees

  • Take breaks often

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Pack all medicines and essentials in a separate box to take with you in your vehicle

  • Remove all flammables

  • Call utilities 72 hours in advance for the new residence

  • Pack a suitcase with clothes and toiletries you will need for the first few days in your new home

  • Arrange for removal of attached or installed home accessories you own (satellite dish, TV antenna, ceiling fan, etc.)

Moving Checklist

1 Month Before You Move

  • Make a list of everything you're bringing to your new home

  • Start sorting items and get rid of anything that you aren't bringing with you

  • Find out where to dispose of household chemicals and old paint

  • Find out replacement value of all belongings, for insurance purposes

  • Fill out a change of address form.  Notify friends and family of new address

  • Get copies of your medical and dental records, if necessary

  • Get copies of veterinary records, if necessary

  • If moving out of state, find out where and how to chance your address on your drivers license

  • Notify your kids' schools and have their records transferred to their new schools

  • Return any cable equipment 

  • Make hotel and airline reservations, if necessary

Moving Checklist

2 Weeks Before You Move

  • Return library books or any borrowed items

  • Collect all the items you may have loaned out

  • Make arrangements to disconnect utilities

  • Make arrangements to connect utilities at your new home

  • Arrange to have major appliances prepped for move


1 Week Before You Move

  • Get rid of all flammables

  • Decide what you're bringing with you in your car or plane

  • Arrange for removal of "installed items" you are bringing with you like TVs, Antenna, shelves, etc.

  • Pack a suitcase with clothes and toiletries you'll need the first day in your new home

  • Pack a special box with other essentials you'll need for the first few days.  (Make sure you mark this box "DO NOT MOVE")

Moving Checklist

1 Day Before Moving Day

  • Wipe down furniture to remove dust and pet hair

  • Take down curtains and curtain rods

  • Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator.  Make sure it has at least 24 hours to air dry.

  • Clean your oven and stove

  • Plan your breakfast or lunch

  • Pack your personal belongings except your alarm clock

  • Go to sleep early, you will be in good spirits on moving day

Moving Checklist

Moving Day

  • Collect all keys to locking items.  Put them in a safe place.

  • Strip the beds but leave them intact. We will dismantle them

  • Make sure you are home when the movers arrive so you can sign the inventory

  • Walk around with the lead moving specialist while he does the inventory

  • Make sure everything is ready for the move

  • Keep your signed bill of lading and inventory in an easily accessible place

  • Make sure the driver has the correct delivery address and phone number

  • Confirm the expected delivery time with the driver

  • Before you leave, do a final walk-through to ensure there re no issues prior to your move in

Donate Items

While packing, any items you found that you no longer want, need or do not have enough room for in your new home could be discarded or donated.  Patton's Movers can dispose of these items for you, or you can consider donating your unwanted things to local organizations needing items.   We can provide a list of local agencies.

Non-Transportable Items

When considering Patton's Movers, please take into consideration that the movers cannot transport specific items in the truck according to federal law and internal policy.

These items include but are not limited to:

  • Flammable liquids:  nail polish remover, lighter fluid, gasoline, propane

  • Live plants

  • Household paint

  • Fireworks

  • Compressed air cans

  • Automotive repair and maintenance chemicals

  • Matches

Other non-transportable items recommend for relocation by movers include:

  • Weapons:  firearms or swords

  • Perishable foods:  frozen or dry

  • Food in glass jars

  • Prescription drugs needed for immediate use

The following personal items are recommended to be relocated to your new home in your personal vehicle:

  • Valuable artwork

  • Important personal documents (i.e. social security cards, deeds, wills, tax returns, auto titles, etc.)

  • Cash

  • Valuable Collections (i.e. cards, coins, records, etc.)

  • Drivers License and State IDs

  • Family photo albums

  • Jewelry and Watches

  • Documents regarding your move

Please note, Patton's Movers cannot be held liable for items not listed on the inventory and/or not properly secured prior to the move.

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