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Our Services

At Patton's Movers, we provide residential moving, office moving, storage, packing, furniture delivery and set-up and also offer labor only services. These services could apply to apartment moving, local household moving, senior retirement moving, college student moving, relocation services, commercial office moving, business relocation moving, full packing services, partial packing services, loading services, unloading services and even same building moving services.  Whatever your situation, we have a solution to help.

Residential & Commercial Moving

Residential Moving

Local Household Moving

Selling your house?  Trying to be everywhere at once?  We can help.  Not only can we assist you with full or partial packing, but we can also coordinate with other home services you may be using.  For example, if you are getting the carpet replaced upstairs, we will either come out the day before to pack and load the upstairs areas for you or the day of the move, we will start packing and loading the downstairs area until the carpet technician has finished.  We are flexible and can work with you.

Apartment or Townhouse Moving

Three flight of stairs?  Narrow hallways?  Let Patton's help.  Our moving professionals can carry your heavy loads up and down those stairs without a problem.  We are insured and bonded and will transfer your belongings with care and ease.

Senior Retirement Moving

Do you have an aging parent?  Are they unable to pack themselves due to fragility or dementia?  No time off work to help them pack?  No problem.  Here at Patton's Movers, we will come and box up your loved one's belongings with care.  We will ensure your loved one feels safe and at ease while we are in their residence.

College Student Moving

Need to get to class?  No time to pack? We have you covered.  Patton's Movers will bring the packing supplies to your dorm or apartment and box up all your belongings for you. 

Relocation Services

Whether you are going across town or across the state or across the country, Patton's Movers is here to assist with your relocation.  We provide free estimates as well as packing supplies.  In a hurry and can't pack your items yourself?  We can and will take care of that for you. 

Commercial Moving

Office Moving Services

Time is of the essence.  We know every moment away from your clients due to relocation can be detrimental to your business.  Our expert team of movers will transition your workspace and personnel smoothly and efficiently while minimizing any delays during this critical process.

Business Relocation

Who has time to pack when you have a business to run?  Patton's Movers will arrive at your business with packing supplies. We  will tear down your space and reassemble it perfectly at your new location.  We will pack and transport your sensitive IT equipment including servers and CPUs with care and precision.  That way you can focus on what is important - the business!

What We Offer:

  • Full and partial packing services

  • Free on-site estimates

  • Storage solutions

  • Competitive rates

  • Boxes and packing supplies

  • After hours and weekend relocations

  • Labor only services

  • Furniture assembly and disassembly services

  • Furniture arrangement and rearrangement services

Why Choose Patton's Movers

  • Our team is licensed by the Virginia Commerce Commission

  • We are insured and bonded

  • We have an extraordinary moving team that is experienced, cautious and attentive

  • We understand the time-sensitive nature of business moves

  • We are a member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA)

Packing & Labor

Packing Services

Patton's Movers has all the packing supplies you need.  Whether you hire us to pack your entire home, you pack all your belongings or a mix of the two, our team of moving specialists will bring the requested supplies right to your door, without the hassle of coming to us or locating your own empty boxes.  The best part?  The delivery of the supplies is FREE of charge!

Full Packing Services

Our team of qualified movers and packers are here for your.  Although we always encourage our clients to do their own packing to save some money, here at Patton's Movers, we offer full packing services.  We will arrive on site with boxes and other packing supplies on the date you request.  Our team of moving specialists will carefully wrap and pack your belongings for you.  We take pride in our work and will have your boxes packed and labeled in no time.

Partial Packing Services

Are you busy self-packing the contents of your home into multiple boxes?  Have you run across a valuable or breakable item that you don't know how to pack?  Do you have oddly shaped items that make self-packing difficult?  If so, then you have come to the right place.  At Patton's Movers, we offer packing services and supplies for your use.  Just call us with your supply order and we will deliver it to your home.  Pack the items you can, and leave the rest for us.  Fragile or breakable items?  Not a problem for us.  At our disposal, we have crates and other packing supplies to ensure that sensitive item makes it to your new home without a scratch.  Oddly shaped or high dollar item?  Your contents are paramount to us, and we will keep your high-value items safe and secure until we arrive at your destination.

Labor Only Services

Do you have everything already boxed up and packed away?  Is your pickup truck ready for the move?  There is only one thing you are missing - the people to halve you load and unload your furniture in your pickup.  Here at Patton's Movers, we solve your dilemma as we offer labor only services, meaning you can hire our moving professionals strictly for their muscles.  We will arrive at your door ready to load your truck so you can drive to your new home knowing your stuff is stacked and packed securely for the move.  We follow and unload all of your furniture to your new residence as well.  Patton's Movers also offers loading only services.  Do you have friends or family to help you unload your truck at your new home, but have no one to help you load up your old house?  Patton's Movers is available to help you pack everything into the moving van/truck carefully and securely to get you on your way to your new location.  You may be in the opposite position where your friends/family can help you load, but no one to assist in unloading due to mileage or other engagements.  Again, we are here for you.

Perhaps you are moving apartments within the same building?  Or going from an upstairs to a downstairs apartment or condo.  Just call Patton's Movers.  We offer same building moving services at a reasonable rate!

Need help moving or rearranging furniture in your current home?  Again, our labor only services can provide you the muscle you need.

Labor Only Options:

  • Full Move With Customers' Truck

  • Loading Services Only

  • Unloading Services Only

  • Same Building Services

  • Furniture Moving/Rearrangement Services

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