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Pros and Cons to Packing Yourself

Pros and Cons of Packing for a Move on Your Own

This decision isn’t easy, but at least you can weigh the various considerations to make a balanced choice. Pro: It’s Cheaper! The average cost of a move is not cheap. Long-distance moving is costly. Doing your own prep means you can save the money you would otherwise spend for a professional crew’s labor and supplies.

Con: You’ll Need Time

You’re probably not considering just how many things you have packed away in storage. If you decide to hire packers, they show up and get your home packed quickly and efficiently. Getting packed up for a move on your own could take you days, but experienced moving companies can get it done so that your valuables are safely packed and protected from damage.

Pro: Organization

If you rely on movers to handle filling up all of your moving boxes, they will pack according to your specifications. At your new destination, because packers labeled your boxes properly, the movers will know where each box goes and you could spend less time finding, sorting and placing everything when you get to your new home.

Con: Supplies

If DIY packing appeals to you because you think you’ll save money on packing supplies, it might initially. However, professional packers show up with their own supplies. You only get charged for what’s actually necessary, and items are packed in the proper type of box. On the other hand, you could wind up with too few supplies if you go the DIY route, meaning you have to find more. You might also wind up with too many, or you could have odd-sized boxes that don’t really fit what you need to pack. Professionals use materials that can withstand the moving process, including special dish packs and wardrobe boxes.

Pro: Go at Your Own Pace

Packing for a move on your own means you get to decide what goes in each box. You also get to decide what rooms you start with. You can take down your home one closet and drawer at a time. With all the hectic things going on in the rest of the process, having something move a bit slowly can be kind of relaxing.

Con: Liability Is All Yours

If you pack your own things trying to counteract the cost of moving, then there’s not going to be any liability on the movers you use. Moving cross country, or even through a big city, can be a bumpy ride for your things. Long-distance movers cannot be held liable for damage to anything that was self-packed because they don’t know what condition it was in before packing occurred. They’ll get the items from point A to point B but can’t guarantee the boxes’ condition. Professional packers give you peace of mind. Using cheap or previously used boxes from grocery stores might mean they collapse, crack or tear under pressure, no matter how well you packed them.

Pro: Friends Can Help

Packing your home to move is a huge undertaking, but while DIY stands for doing-it-yourself, that doesn’t mean doing it alone. Friends, family and co-workers can all help you divide the labor and get the moving boxes packed. Some will do it out of loyalty, some want to spend a little more time with you before you go, and if you are moving across the country, you could welcome the time to visit.

Con: Packing Things Wrong

Is the guy you only see at poker night the right person to be handling the dishes you inherited from your grandmother? Does anyone in your crew really know how to disassemble furniture? Professional packers don’t just show up and stuff boxes. They will identify what items need special packaging, and they know how to do it right.

In Conclusion

After reading all this, you might start seeing

the upside of having professionals pack all your things. Compared to the average cost of a move, it doesn’t add all that much, especially if you shop around for moving companies weeks in advance. If you’re grappling with the cost of moving cross-country, then be sure to book a reputable mover. Long-distance moving costs more, but that makes it all the more important that you have your possessions packed safely, securely and appropriately. The time you save can be used towards handling the million other details, and there’s no substitute for the sheer stress you’ll save.

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