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Summer Moving....Do's and Don'ts....

What should you do when planning a summer move? As the premier moving specialists in Winchester, with over 110 years of service, we know all the best practices to make sure your summer move is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Book Ahead

Summer is a packed time for moving. Weekends are often booked months ahead of the actual moving season and even weekdays can get booked up. If you want to work with a quality local mover, let them know your moving plans and approximate move-out date as long before your relocation as possible. This way, you're most likely to get moving dates that work well with your schedule.

Pack Slow

Don't rush yourself when packing. Give yourself plenty of time and don't overheat while loading boxes. Get help stacking heavy boxes and disassembling furniture, if necessary, and don't take on two-person jobs on your own. Summer is a time when people often move in a frenzy, but it's not worth your toe bone or your grandmother's credenza to go fast.

Ask Questions and Coordinate

Don't forget to ask plenty of questions. Ask how the truck is being packed from back to front and bottom to top. Ask about the route and how you will coordinate arrival with the truck at your destination. Ask about your fragile items, about furniture packing, and anything else you might be worried about. An informed customer is a good customer.

Book Ahead, Book Ahead, Book Ahead

Don't wait until the last minute to book your moving company or your personal travel plans. Either plane tickets or hotel rooms on the road trip will go up in price during the summer, but early purchases get a better selection and often find a discount.



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